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ISO tool


21st century businesses are called upon to apply many ISO standards (e.g. 9001, 14001, 13485, 45001, 20000, 27001, 39001, 50000) to their day-to-day operations, increasing their management costs, bureaucracy, document or e-mail management, frequently in an inefficient way.

ISO tool is an application that facilitates the process of monitoring and organizing ISO standards maintained by an enterprise/organization.

ISO tool operates in an internet environment without the need to install special infrastructures or equipment so that the user can access easily and from everywhere, without the use of specialized infrastructures or programs.

It is a horizontal multi-standard ISO management application (e.g. 9001, 14001, 45001) and it results in:

  • reducing the cost of managing inspections
  • the exact maintenance of the process according to each standard making it impossible to bypass the process
  • the elimination of forms during the audit
  • complete control and supervision of ISO retention by management.
ISO Integrated Management System


 Internal Audit Module

The internal audit tool is used so that the company can carry out a new internal inspection.

Non-Conformity Incident Module

The non-conformity incident tool is used to monitor all actions that go against the company’s rules.

Complaints Management Module

The complaints inspection tool has been created with the purpose of keeping track of all complaints remotely without the hassle of bureaucracy.

Documents Management Module

The document inspection tool has been created with the purpose of keeping track of all documents that are related to ISO remotely.

Risk Management Module

The risk management tool has been created with the purpose of keeping track of the risks that the company faces and has faced in the past. Keeping all the information in one place helps the IMS Manager handle the risks better.

Performance Management Module

The performance management tool is used to measure the performance of every department by storing its performance information in files and plain text.

Inventory Management Module

The inventory management module is used to store overall information of the company’s equipment.

System Users

Each enterprise is given passwords of a central user-administrator who has two main roles:

  • The creation and management of business users
  • The creation and management of standard categories and audits

The user types of the application are 4 and there are distinct roles between them:

  • IMS Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Users/Staff
  • Company Administrator

System Advantages

Why use ISO Management System?

GDPR compliant

Access from anywhere and from all devices

Graduated access with specific roles and passwords

Continuous upgrade with new features

It works in internet environment

Continuous real-time updates

No specific equipment is required.

Real-time statistics export

Try the ISO-tool demo version

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